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The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon has teamed up with MITOSAYA Botanical Distillery to create an exciting selection of Summer Botanical Cocktails. Available at the hotel's greenery-filled Lobby Bar throughout July and August, the collaboration includes five carefully crafted cocktails that reflect Japan's summer, combining the Mitosaya Distillery's unique botanical spirits with EDITION's minimalist and sophisticated style. The Mitosaya Botanical Distillery is located in a renovated medicinal herb garden in the vast forest of the Boso Peninsula. The first of its kind in Japan, the distillery sources botanicals and fruits from its own gardens and local orchards and farms to create traditional European ‘Eau-de-Vie' spirits. Meaning ‘the water of life' in French, the spirits are made by distilling fruit multiple times into clear liquors which are not sweet to drink but have a wonderful fruit aroma. The name "mitosaya" comes from the words "mi", meaning fruit, and "saya", the outer covering or pod. The idea is to use not only the fruit, but also leaves, roots, seeds, and pods - everything that can be found in nature - to create something unique and full of rich flavours. The Toyko EDITION, Toranomon's Director of Bar Hideyuki Saito carefully selected five of the innovative spirits to create a selection of unique summer cocktails. The menu includes the Two Apples Martini, a take on the classic Martini which combines Mitosaya Juvenile Calva Apple brandy, gin, coconut water, citrus, egg white, as well as the Rooty Collins, a spicy cocktail that combines Mitosaya G&R Kicks Eau de Vie, rum, apple, carrot, beetroot, citrus and soda and the MORI Mojito, a twist on the mojito which includes Mitosaya Gardener's Gin, apple mint, lemon balm and citrus.

*Following the Japanese Government's declaration of state of emergency, we temporarily suspend serving alcohol beverages at all dining outlets. The Mitosaya collaboration cocktails will resume when the state of emergency is lifted.
MORI Mojito

MORI Mojito

GARDENER'S GIN, NEMA gin, apple mint, lemon balm, citrus The gin, which smells like fresh greenery, is blended together with herbs such as mint and lemon balm to create a twist on the classic mojito.
Ramos Gin & Kokuwa

Ramos Gin & Kokuwa

KIWI ‘N KOKUWA Eau de vie, gin, cream egg white Ramos Gin Fizz, a classic cocktail born in New Orleans, USA, is combined with a unique Kiwi eau de vie to create a refreshing yet dessert-like drink.

Two Apples Martini

JUVENILE CALVA Apple brandy, gin, flower tincture, coconut water, citrus, egg white A smooth sour cocktail made with apple brandy and dried apples, garnished with dried flowers.

Melon & Orange blossom

NOBLE NEROLI, vodka, cantaloupe melon, citrus The tropical floral scent of navel oranges from Kumamoto is combined with Quincy melon, a specialty of Kumamoto, to create a drink that is as fragrant as a natural perfume.

Rooty Collins

G&R KICKS Eau de vie, rum, apple, carrot, beetroot, citrus, soda The slightly spicy taste of G&R is combined with unique ingredients such as beet and apple to create a refreshing highball style drink


Daily 7:00 - 00:00
(Sun - Thu LO 23:00 / Fri & Sat LO 24:00)
Afternoon tea 12:00 - 17:00
(LO 16:30)